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Feature Stories - UPHOLD's Education Component

Arua Hill Primary School Pupils' views on Cooperative Learning

Bringing Us Closer: To Quality Learning through Community Involvement (PDF, 98 KB)

Community Involvement in Education: Making Primary Schools in Uganda Safer (PDF, 146 KB)

Education Management Strengthening Initiative Benefits of Stakeholder involvement in a School:
The experience of Kinoni Primary School, Mbarara
(PDF, 68 KB)

Education Management Strengthening Initiative: Managing school finances made friendly: 'The Nakapiripirit Experience' (PDF, 880 KB)

Girls' Education & Protection: Bundibugyo Charity Walk (PDF, 265 KB)

Improving Quality of Classroom Instruction: Using Cooperative Learning (PDF, 287 KB)

Integrated Education Strategy: Improving Quality of Classroom Instruction (PDF, 231 KB)

Leveraging Effors to Achieve Quality Education: The Case of the Luwero CCT and Community Development Assistants (PDF, 55 KB)

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